Unlimited Media is an Estonian based company with a specialist knowledge and extensive competence in the (post)production, localisation, and distribution of digital entertainment content.

Distributing digital entertainment media content to local VOD operators has been our main business since 2010.

Unlimited Media is one of the leading local VOD aggregators in Baltic countries (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania).  We have working contracts with all major VOD operators in the area (5 operators in total).

Our main strengths:

  • Knowledge – we know the local market, operators and customer preferences.
  • Resources – we have our own translators in Estonia and working contracts in Latvia and Lithuania to quickly and efficiently master localized versions of the media according to every national market needs.
  • Competence – we can handle any media (assuming that it has adequate quality level), we have worked out profiles for every VOD operator we are working with, so the materials are handed over in ready-for-production form, insuring shorter queue times to get them online and returning profit.

Our current catalogue is 60+ (fully localized – subtitled and/or voice-overed) titles and growing and that makes us very attractive for local VOD operators.

For content owners we can offer quick-path to about 2 mil screens (TV, PC, mobile) in all three Baltic countries. All streams/views are counted and charged depending on the VOD plan (SVOD/TVOD).

We support 2 business models:

  • We acquire full VOD license for Baltic territory for certain period (3-5 years) for fixed fee.
  • We rent the VOD license for Baltic territory and share the profit.

In both cases Unlimited Media will handle translation, localization and mastering into formats required by every local VOD operator as well as collecting statistics and payments from those operators. In case of profit sharing model regular cumulative monthly/quarterly reports (in Excel format) will be provided to content owners with agreed level of details.