Unlimited Media is an Estonian based company with a specialist knowledge and extensive competence in the (post)production, localisation, and distribution of digital entertainment content.

You have raw content, but it's not ready for use/distribution. Wrong format, out of sync, not organised - in other words not ready-to-use product. We have the competence to finalize it.

Authoring in our context describes the process of creating a DVD/BDMV from source content. Authoring includes tasks such as creating the navigation structure, laying out the assets, designing the menus, final production and more.

Mastering is a digital optimization process that readies a DVD/BDMV project for replication or duplication. Commonly packaged with related services such as label and sleeve printing, DVD/BDMV mastering encompasses both audio and audiovisual work.

Unlimited Media has extensive experience with creating Video DVD projects (over 180 successfully completed DVD projects).

We provide our customers with:

  • Preparation and conversion of audio/video source content.
  • DVD menu design and programming.
  • Masterdisk image creation. 

Masterdisk images, compiled by Unlimited Media are gyuaranteed to pass all replication factory pre-production tests and are compatible with all standalone DVD players. This is achieved by the use of proffessional certified DVD authoring program (Spruce DVD Maestro).

Disk production

Disk (CD/DVD/BR) multiplication can be done in two ways:

  • Small amounts (up to 1000 psc) are completed by duplication, using blank disks and DVD/BR writers. The burned disks are then printed with inkjet printer. This is a good way of making smaller patches of disks.
  • Large amounts (over 1000 pcs) are created by mass replication from a mold in a factory.

Additionally theses services can include inlays, packaging and shrink wrapping. In the process of duplication, shrink wrapping is usually replaced by self adhesive plastic bags.

Other digital media services (montage, remix, artwork etc)

All media projects are unique, therefore we do not limit ourself with strict standard products, but offer a wide range of flexible solutions oriented to specific customer needs.

Those additional services include:

  • Montage and production of multimedia footage.
  • Audio and videostream syncronisation
  • NTSC -> PAL conversion
  • Compiling a final multilanguage Video DVD from several different source disks (example source material: 1 disk PAL with russian sound, 2.disk NTSC with english sound and subtitles)